Why side-effects with the second COVID-19 vaccine jab can be stronger than the first

Side-effects with the COVID-19 jab, or any vaccine can be slightly unpleasant, and if you are on the sensitive side, the pain and reactions could be even more plaguing, knocking you out of work and other commitments for a day or two. While some have been vaccinated against coronavirus, many are now expected to get their second coronavirus jab in the next phase of immunisation.

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Now, while the second dose of vaccination is extremely essential and proven to be protective against the mutant Delta variant, experts now detail that apart from the timing of the second dose, the side-effects with the dose could also be exponentially more intense, in comparison to the first dose. Although worrying, many experts say that the stronger reactions aren’t really anything to worry about.

Given that the first and the second dose work similarly, what fuels a difference in reactions? If so, are there ways to prep yourself, before the second dose?

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