Why does the delta variant spread so fast?

After contributing to the second wave of COVID-19 in India, the Delta variant has continued to wreak havoc all around the world.

While its ability to escape natural as well as vaccine-induced immunity is a matter of grave concern, scientists are looking into the elements that make it more transmissible, which is actually what makes it more dangerous and concerning.

In a study conducted at China’s Guangdong Provincial Center of Disease Control and Prevention, a team of researchers tracked and quarantined 62 people following their exposure to COVID-19. After analysing the infected individuals and studying their viral load, it was found that the patients infected with the Delta variant had 1,260 times higher viral load than those who contracted the original COVID strain.

Additionally, the study stated that people infected with the Delta variant showed signs of the virus four days after contact, whereas it took an average of 7 days to detect the same in people infected with the original strain.

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