Who needs, and who may not require a COVID booster shot right now

Underlying conditions, including diabetes (both Type-1 and Type-2), high cholesterol, heart problems, thyroid ailments, respiratory and pulmonary disorders, vascular complications, kidney or renal failure, cancer, chronic immuno-suppressant conditions could often pose a double risk for those who may be suffering from one- not only are they at a greater risk for severe COVID risk and dying from the disease, but they may also encounter problems drafting effective vaccine immunity in the first place. The risk may be higher for those who may be battling more than one condition at a time. Thus, they will need to be one group who would require added protection right now, to safeguard their health.

Having said that, while these groups may require more urgent care and added precautions, booster shots can be introduced later, or not be urgently pushed for the remainder of the population. We tell you why

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