What’s the best way to deliver food to a COVID positive family member in isolation?

The number of infected in India are still very high, and with the challenge we are facing in terms of lack of timely testing and unavailability of hospital beds, a lot of people right now are living with someone suspected or confirmed of COVID in their household. The most logical thing to do is to immediately isolate them in one part of the house and ensure practices that minimise the spread of the virus to others in the family.

As per WHO, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should stay in a well-ventilated single room with open windows and an open door. They should avoid using shared spaces. However, science shows evidence that aerosols emitted by an infected person while breathing, talking, shouting, singing, or even breathing, are a strong mode of viral spread. In poorly ventilated spaces, they can stay suspended in air for longer durations, thereby increasing the risk of virus spread. So what should we do?

We all are well aware of the fact that the new mutant is highly contagious and is leading to complications faster than you expect. So the clear focus when a family member tests positive is to protect others. Having said that, the family member in isolation is completely dependent on you for his nutritional needs, which are critical for his recovery. We understand that it can get very confusing to figure out a safe way to deliver food to a patient isolated in a room. Here’s help

The right way to deliver food

First of all, use separate cups, dishes, utensils for the COVID patient and place a table outside the room for exchange of necessities. Wear an N95 mask and keep the food outside on the table. Once you place the food and leave, the patient should open the door wearing an N95 mask, pick the contents and immediately close the door. If possible, let the person himself rinse the used utensils before keeping them back on the table outside the room.

You should then remove the utensils and wash them in warm soapy water. Do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.

Also, except while sleeping, it is ideal for other members of your family to wear an N95 mask at home to minimize the risk of transmission.

(Inputs have been taken from doctors treating COVID patients)

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