What do we know about the possible third wave of COVID-19

The second wave of coronavirus was also devastating and associated with quick progression of illness and severity of disease, even for those who are otherwise healthy or did not have serious comorbidities. The severity and increased hospitalizations were also associated with oxygen deprivation and early-stage lung involvement. Meanwhile, early studies have shown that the Delta plus variant also spreads more easily, binds easier to lung receptors and could be resistant to monoclonal antibody therapies.

Would it be a similar state of affairs during the potential third wave? Or worse than this? Experts remain doubtful of the same.

While medical experts do stress the need to control the Delta plus variant, which is said to be highly infectious and carries the lethal properties of its predecessors, it remains unknown whether or not the third wave would be similarly uncontrollable and havoc-wreaking as the second wave.

For one, scientists are yet to fully determine or understand the severity, or the progression of symptoms associated with the new variant. From what is known so far, the most common symptoms seen in patients with this variant were fever, rashes, breathlessness, chest pain- all of which were common during the second wave as well.

From the limited data that we have on people who caught the virus after being vaccinated, findings reveal a rise in asymptomatic or mild infections. Some have also mentioned that reinfection and breakthrough cases might only be on the milder side.

Hence, whether or not the Delta plus variant, or the third wave would be a greater cause of concern remains to be determined by the more cases that come forward…

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