Weight loss story: “I cut down my salt considerably and used lemon and pepper”

Being a nutritionist, I planned a meal chart for myself and ate smartly, in ideal portions because I had a goal in mind which motivated me like never before. Here’s all what I usually ate, or have in my daily meals:

My breakfast: Being a Gujju, I could never get myself to having a big breakfast, so my breakfast is a cup of adrak chai with minimal sugar & a khakhra with hummus, a Thepla with curd, a toast with low fat cheese & tomato.

My lunch: Lunch is a bowl of salad with local available veggies. I avoid adding salt & use loads of lime & pepper to my salad. I also add a bowl of dal or a katori of pulse & a glass of buttermilk. I find it hard to have roti or rice here as I am busy working. I need a cup of black coffee at 4 pm & if hungry, have a handful of chana.

My dinner: An hour or so before dinner, I have a bowl of fruit. Dinner mainly is a multigrain roti or Rice with a green vegetable & a bowl of dal or paneer. I was a muncher & hence at bed time, you will find a katori of makhanas, peanuts or a katori of plain Greek yogurt at my bedside!

Pre-workout meal: Since I haven’t done any workouts, I didn’t have to worry about this part. However, I would suggest people a cup of black coffee with a multigrain toast or a banana.

Post- workout meal: Usually nothing major, but a protein smoothie or just have regular meals (with ample protein in it)

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Pizza! I like the thin crust with arugula leaves & parmesan on top!

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Being a nutritionist and a foodie at heart, I have been able to develop healthier versions of all unhealthy, junk foods and I have that occasionally. My personal favourites are Oats khichdi, palak raita, pineapple open toast, chole chaat & oats Chivda.

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