Weight loss story: “How I lost 9 kilos fast and retained my muscle mass”

My focus was to lose weight by retaining most of my muscle mass since there is no real way to lose just fat from the body. So, for that, I really had to concentrate on the diet I followed and portion out the number of proteins, fats and carbs on a daily basis. Keeping the above goal in mind, I planned a high protein and low carbs diet with a calorie deficit profile. For the fat loss, I reduced 300 calories from my total calorie intake (Maintenance + Workout).

Pre-workout meal had at 6 AM(30 minutes before workout): 1 cup black coffee, 1 banana, 5gm Creatine

Post-workout meal had around 9 AM (After 15 minutes of workout): 1 Banana+ Whey protein

Breakfast, done at 10 AM: 2 Chapati+ 2 kinds of subji+ 1 bowl of dahi (Sabji can be replaced with daal, or the entire breakfast can include oats, poha etc.)

Lunch meal taken at 2 PM: 1 bowl of salads+ 1 seasonal fruit. After a gap of 30 minutes, I have 8 egg whites/ paneer/ black chana.

Dinner had at 6:30 PM: 2 chapatis had with a bowl of subji and dal (collectively 2 bowlfulls)

What I have before bedtime, around 10:30 PM (1 hour before sleep): A glass of milk, Slow digestive/case in protein such as Paneer

I follow this diet regularly except Sundays (That’s my cheat day and my leg training day as well). On cheat day also it’s very important to plan your meal. If you are planning to have anything which is unhealthy or high in calories, prefer taking it within 3-4 hour of completing your workout.

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