This ‘space returned’ bottle of red wine costs a whopping Rs. 7,29,10,500!

As per the Instagram post by the handle ‘christiesinc’, a private auction company, the bottle was recently put up for auction and one bottle of French wine will cost you a whopping $1 million ( Rs. 7,29,10,500). The official Instagram account of Christie states, “This is the first time wine has travelled to the ISS and returned to Earth, aging in a carefully monitored and controlled environment, as part of a series of experiments undertaken by Space Cargo Unlimited, a one-of-a-kind European ‘New Space’ start-up.”It further read, “The unique bottle of space-aged Petrus is offered in a unique trunk, imagined and handcrafted by the Parisian Maison d’Arts Les Ateliers Victor, alongside a bottle of terrestrial Pétrus 2000, a decanter, glasses and a corkscrew made from a meteorite.” (Image:Instagram/christiesinc)

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