Taapsee Pannu takes lesser time to get ready than her male co-actors: Blurr co-producer Pranjal Khandhdiya- Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

Taapsee Pannu’s ‘Blurr’ co-producer Pranjal Khandhdiya is fast setting up the stage for the said film with Taapsee Pannu‘s recently-announced production house Outsider Films.

ETimes had a chat with Khandhdiya and here are its excerpts:

How did your collaboration with Taapsee Pannu come about?

An actor-producer relationship is quite tricky. Having a friendly relation with an actor and then turning it into a business tie-up makes it just more meaningful.

Together we seek to achieve similar goals but we both are different personalities and have a very strong approach towards what we do. This is our strength and we are building upon this to create opportunities for talent.
We both come from humble backgrounds and have worked our way up to where we have reached. Taapsee is a star and a unique actor in her own league. She is the aspiration that every outside talent will dream of.

I bring rationality and madness to the business of art. This is very crucial for us to understand.

We had done ‘Soorma’ together. I was pretty impressed with her professionalism when she agreed to come and meet us at 10 pm for a narration with Shaad Ali ( she had flown down from Hyderabad for it). That’s when I was sure about the commitment and dedication she had towards her work. She is a delight to work with on the set. You never feel any starry presence. She takes lesser time to get ready than her male co-stars and loves having food at the food tent with every unit person. She is a very unit-friendly actor and hence I grabbed the opportunity of asking her to become a producer and creating this environment for others too.

How did you choose Ajay Bahl to direct ‘Blurr’?

Films don’t fail, it’s the planning and budgeting that makes it a failure. Art in any form needs to be created with the right talent and aptitude. We need to find the best fit between art and commerce. ‘Blurr’ is a fantastic script for us to make our first film together. It’s not a run-of-the-mill-film. In the times that we live in, we all want realism in movies. Ajay Bahl fits as a T for such stuff.

Tell us about ‘Blurr’…

Blurr is a very gripping story. It deals with fear, the most basic human sentiment. We all fear something. How we deal with it is this spine-chilling experience that Bahl and Pawan Sony have written together. Bahl’s ‘Section 375’ had impressed us a lot and Taapsee was keen to work with him. I primarily believe that the director has to be chosen very carefully; my selection is based on the skill and craftsmanship he/she brings on the table. For one, Akarsh Khurana has done an exceptional job in dealing with human emotions in my other film ‘Rashmi Rocket’ (that also stars Taapsee). Similarly, Bahl has a proven record of how he deals with storytelling, plus he being a cinematographer adds to his vision and scale of filmmaking.

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