Starting your kids schooling early can be bad for them: Study

Sending kids to preschool is a big milestone that all parents look forward to. It is for the first time their little one steps into the real world to learn basic life skills that prepare them for formal education and the future. While most of us believe that there is no right or wrong time to get kids enrolled in a preschool if your kid is ready for it, experts do not really agree with it.

As per a study, even if your kid is a gifted one and is a quick learner, sending them to school too early can be taxing for their mental health. The urge to send your kids to preschool is understandable, but it is better to wait for the right time for the sake of your little one’s mental health.

The reason why sending kids to school early is harmful

The researchers of the new study recommend parents consider the age of their kids with their peers in kindergarten. A big difference can take a toll on your child’s mental health. According to a new study, kids who are younger than their peers (closer to the minimum age cut-off for starting school) tend to perform poorly in class and require more special attention than their classmates. The study carried out by the researchers of the University of Exeter Medical School in England revealed that starting school too early may impact your child’s mental health.

The study
For the study, the team of researchers used data collected from an existing study called the “Supporting Teachers and Children in Schools Study” (STCS Study). This study was carried out on 2,075 elementary school students (ages five through nine) from 80 different schools in Devon, England. The study included a series of questionnaires asked from parents and teachers which helped the team to assess the episodes of negative emotions experienced by kids like worry and fear, having poorer relationships with their peers, behavioural and concentration issues.
The result
At the end of the study, it was concluded that younger kids were more likely to have poor mental health as compared to their peers. That could be because keeping up with older peers may be a little stressful at an early age. The problem was particularly dominant in those kids dealing with learning difficulties and those born prematurely. This finding can give some idea to parents regarding when to enrol a child in a formal education setting that is not that harmful to their health.

The right age
Most people believe that the earlier they would send their kids to school the better it would be for them. As per experts, 3 years is an ideal age for kids to start their schooling. However, there are few things you must consider before sending your little one to school.

They should be toilet trained

They can sit still for short periods.

They can spend time away from their parents.

They can communicate their needs and listen to others

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