Sona Mohapatra supports Mandira Bedi for performing Raj Kaushal’s last rites: No one should have to experience that | Hindi Movie News

Actress Mandira Bedi broke stereotypes when at her husband Raj Kaushal’s last rites, she carried the bier, a ritual traditionally conducted by the men. This didn’t go down well with some netizens who took to trolling the actress for her actions. In fact, even her choice of attire for the funeral was questioned.

Singer Sona Mohapatra was one of the B-Town celebs, who came out in support of Bedi and slammed trolls. Talking about it in an exclusive chat with ETimes, Sona lashes out, “That was disgusting, inappropriate, and tasteless.”

She went on to add, “No one should have to experience that, least of all, a class act like Mandira Bedi. Social media platforms have to raise their game when it comes to protecting women from brazenly sexist abuse. This is hate speech. I am glad and grateful that many in the media as well as people from across all political leanings called out this blatant sexism and celebrated Mandira’s personal choice”.

She said that this support was proof of the fact that the good people of the world exist across the board. “But unfortunately the worst of human-kind end up making more noise and getting undue attention. The good amongst us has to be ready to get down and dirty in the mud to be able to keep these other idiots from taking over the public discourse,” she signs off.

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