Sidharth Shukla passes away due to a heart attack; Why heart attacks are becoming common in younger ages and what can you do to avoid them

Young or old, getting a heart attack or suffering from deadly cardiac ailments can be life-threatening and pose a risk to your health. Even though there’s no prediction of what may happen and no cure present to actually stop a heart attack from occurring, the primary means to reduce and minimize chances of getting a heart attack, especially in the 30s and 40s is lifestyle management. Given the lifestyle we lead today, it has become now more important than ever to work to have a healthy, risk-free lifestyle supported by a good diet.

If you are in your 30s or 40s, here are a few preventive measures that can mitigate the risk of heart ailments right now:

-Follow a good heart-healthy diet and reduce your intake of processed goods.

-Exercise daily and vow to stay physically active

-Cut down on alcohol and tobacco consumption

-Check on your risk factors and be aware. If you have a family history, go for preventive screenings at an early age

-Work to manage and alleviate stress levels

-Have a healthy, supportive lifestyle and lessen the risk of additional comorbidities

-Be aware of the symptoms and early signs as well. The more aware you are, the better state you would be in to manage your condition.

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