Sameera Reddy | Weight loss: Here’s how Actress Sameera Reddy plans to achieve her weight loss goals

Sameera advocates body positivity openly on her Instagram and says having stretch marks, loose skin or belly fat is natural and one should embrace it through acceptance. She sends the message to her followers that photos that one sees on social media can be misleading and she repeatedly reminds herself that it does not really exist.

In her recent #fitnessfriday post, she wrote, “Photos can be misleading. On this #fitnessfriday I want to remind myself that what you see is not what really exists.” She further said, “I feel inspired when I see real bodies and real pictures. That is my #fitnessmotivation and it drives me to work harder”. The actress also does not shy away from revealing her bodyweight and updates her followers about her weight loss through her posts from time to time.

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