New moon in Leo: How to set your intentions and what it means for your zodiac sign

All we need are two blank papers, a bowl of water and match sticks. On one blank sheet, we have to write down whatever we no longer want in our lives. Word it very carefully and with love e.g I have experienced lack of abundance in love /relationship/money/health. Say I have learnt whatever I needed to learn and experience and now with gratitude and love I release you. Thank you. After that, burn the paper and douse the ends in water, so it does not burn your fingers.

On the next blank sheet, write what you want or want to manifest in your life. Do the same after writing your intentions and burn the paper and douse it in water. Do this today and tomorrow after sunset. With your angels, ancestors, spirit guides and love and faith in your heart, take their blessings and this will complete the ritual.

Happy manifesting and happy new moon.

Now let us see what it means for your specific zodiac sign

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