Mira Rajput reveals why she won’t ‘dump’ her broken watch

Mira Rajput enjoys 2.7 million followers on Instagram and is massively popular with fans. Apart from her chic style, Mira is also known for her fitness routine and Yoga posts on Instagram. Shahid Kapoor had tied the knot with Mira Rajput in July 2015 and are parents to two adorable munchkins, Misha (4) and Zain (2). While Shahid is a Bollywood heartthrob, Mira comes from a totally non-filmy background. Speaking to BT, Mira revealed that everyone has warmly accepted her when she moved to Mumbai from Delhi after her marriage. “Everyone has been very kind to me and respected our personal space. So, adjusting to this wasn’t bothersome at all. The last five years have been wonderful in all aspects. I don’t consider our household to be a film family. It’s just that my husband works in films. It is his profession, and not something that formulates our entire life,” Mira had shared.

Pic: Instagram

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