Men, up your style game with floral prints!

2021 is have way through and while gender-based stereotypes are getting shattered; there’s still that little voice in the head that makes men feel uncomfortable while reaching out for the society-made “feminine” colours and floral prints. Often, it’s because the boys want to appear as “manly” as possible because society told them to do so and other times it’s simply because they feel like they can’t pull off floral prints.

There are some trends out there that men may find a little too unconventional and bold for daily wear. However, if the men want their style to evolve, and break conventional style diktats, then it’s important to experiment with these trends, flaunt them and most importantly accept them. Floral prints are anyway a signature of this season so opting for this trend is a win-win and to help you slay this trend, we have curated a list of some of the most stylish floral print looks that are sure to inspire men’s wardrobe and their confidence to rock it this season, courtesy Abhishek Yadav, Design Head, Spykar.

Understanding Floral prints – There is a huge variety of patterns within the floral theme, including Abstract, Botanical, Calico, Ditsy, Paisley, Retro, and Vintage prints. One can choose their preference and opt for what they personally prefer.

The Graphic look– The casual yet stylish graphic look is for all the boys next door. There are many different types of floral prints in the market. You can choose a busy and colorful print like a dark-colored shirt with orange and white small florals to add that cluster look. Top it up with a denim jacket or cargo jacket can amp up any basic look within minutes.
The Simple yet sharp look– Though floral prints can be worn all season, some men wait for the summers to wear florals on the beach or for an outing on a sunny day. A summer look cannot do without some bright reds and yellows, as simple as this is, it can also be a head-turner if you style it the right way. A bright red floral shirt with white trousers can be the classic example of how you can never go wrong while wearing a statement shirt with a solid pair of pants. Another option can be a floral print polo t-shirt paired with ankle-length jeans.

Beautiful Cherry blossom look– At first, it may seem like a bold choice to wear a printed blazer or shirt on plains but it’s definitely worth a try. Just make sure to choose smaller floral cherry blossom prints and break the pattern by wearing a solid plain vest underneath for a monochrome match and get sorted with style.

The Quirky look– When you get bored of seeing the same old suits with plain shirts; the simple touch of exposing a floral shirt through the blazer can definitely stand out. From the quirky floral print to the unconventional solid blazer silhouette, every piece in this look can be a complete ten on ten.

Now that you know how to style floral wear and balance out the print with a suitable pair, you can go ahead and flaunt this super easy trendy print.

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