Masoom Minawala shares her styling tips before hitting the red carpet at Festival de Cannes

Beauty and fashion blogger Masoom Minawala is going to walk the coveted red carpet at the Festival de Cannes today, and we spoke with the fashionista on the sidelines of world’s biggest cinematic extravaganza which is also a global fashion event, thanks to the glam and glitz of the red carpet.

The popular blogger, who was the first Indian creator to attend the film festival in 2019, shared some styling hacks she is using before hitting the red carpet this time around.

“With the privilege of attending fashion events, comes long hours at the vanity, extreme tiredness, and also nervousness. While it is so important to maintain your set style during such events, it can also be quite challenging. Not to mention, the following beauty woes after the event. So, here are three tips that I abide by when it comes to keeping my style and beauty intact at fashion events,” said Minawala.

Stay hydrated and eat well

The stress of these global events can make you uneasy and you can miss eating well and drink enough water. It is easy to forget to take care of your body during such high-stress occasions, but then it always shows on your skin and body. You can wear your best outfit with impeccable makeup, but if you aren’t well-fed and hydrated, it will always show. So, make sure you prioritize your meals and hydration just as well as you prioritize hair and makeup.

Comfort is key

If you aren’t comfortable in your own skin, you won’t be comfortable in what you wear. And, when that happens, it is going to come through the camera or simply when you’re talking to someone. Your confidence also plays a big role, where the higher your level of confidence is, the higher your comfort level will be and vice versa. So, work on feeling confident and the comfort will follow suit.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Platforms like Cannes give you the opportunity to explore and take a step outside and push your boundaries to try something new. Of course, comfort is prime everywhere, but that shouldn’t come as an excuse for you to not experiment with fashion. Who knows? While exploring options, you may even come across something that you’ve never tried before but fits your personality seamlessly!

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