Mallika Dua’s mother Chinna Dua passes away due to Covid-19 complications | Hindi Movie News

Actress Mallika Dua‘s mother Chinna Dua passed away on Friday, due to Covid-19 complications. Mallika‚Äôs father, veteran journalist Vinod Dua confirmed the sad news on his social media account, late night on Friday. Fifty-six-year-old Chinna’s real name was Padmavati and she was a doctor, singer and social media influencer. Chinna and Vinod had contracted Covid-19 in May and both were admitted to a private hospital in Gurugram. Vinod Dua had recently revealed that both he and Chinna were recovering from the coronavirus infection and were on the road to recovery.

Chinna Dua was a sari aficionado and her love for varied drapes was known to all her peers and friends. Those close to the Dua family expressed their grief and condolences on social media after the news of her passing came out. Her friends expressed that Chinna had an inimitable zest for life, her singing touched many of her peers and she always placed great importance on her friendships and associations.

Mallika, too had tested positive for Covid-19 recently. She had announced the same on Instagram with a post that said, “I’ve been away from here past few days as things got too dark to take. Few Updates: I was diagnosed COVID positive a few days ago and got admitted to the hospital once fever started rising. A good decision as I’m being looked after well and am much better. Except for slight cough I’m fine.”

Giving an update on her parents, she had written, “I’m on the same floor as papaji, who is very weak and has a really bad cough but is eating better and in better spirits since he has some company in me.” She’d also written about Chinna’s health with a message that said, “Mama has been put on the ecmo plus ventilator. She is partially sedated and every evening we sing to her via the phone and she responds in blinks. Her lungs need complete rest. She needs your collective prayers and goodwill. Please pray her lungs heal. It’s a slow process but it does have a success rate. We must pray with unshakeable faith and love. I am constantly. Please keep praying. Please keep chanting.”

Chinna is survived by husband Vinod and daughters Bakul and Mallika.

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