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‘Lagaan’ has completed 20 years. In a freewheeling conversation with ETimes, the film’s maker Ashutosh Gowariker talks about the difficulties in making it and how they yet managed to pull off a film that has gone down in history.

The time was right yesterday. Gowariker was at ease and ETimes asked him a whole lot of questions. See the video below.

We started off by touching on Aamir Khan initially being not interested in the movie and then having second thoughts when the director persuaded. The ice was broken but Aamir was still reluctant to produce it at least. Gowariker did the rounds of many producers who found that the commercial elements were missing in the screenplay and one of them blasphemously even suggested that after the victory, ‘a member of Aamir’s team should insert the stump into one of the loading member’s team’s stomach’. Gowariker told the person across the table that he would give him something of that kind at a later date but it couldn’t be in his ‘Lagaan’. Clearly, the man was not going to give up. “The clincher came after six months. As time rolls by, I think we all evolve. Aamir and I were on the same page and we set about making the movie.”

Ashutosh also talks about why he thinks the film didn’t win at the Oscars and yes, we dwelt upon the creative difference that he and Aamir had with the cinematographer Anil Mehta during the picturisation of a song.

Gowariker agreed when we told him point-blank that Ameesha Patel, Preity Zinta and Sonali Bendre had refused the film. But the man on the mission was undeterred by their back-offs, Gowariker told Etimes that he wanted a relatively unknown face who was an excellent dancer- and when Gracy from the TV serial ‘Amanat’ uttered her first line in her first audition, he knew he had found Lagaan’s Gauri.

So it was all happening out there and you would like to know all about it. There’s a lot more in the video. Go for it NOW if you still haven’t!. Gowariker is in a tell-all mood and mode!

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