jewellery: Things to keep in mind while buying fine jewellery

If you are a true jewellery lover, we are sure you have moved towards fine jewellery in the recent years. Fine jewellery is the term used for real jewellery made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. It is far from cosmetic jewellery and often uses genuine and expensive gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emerald and so on. We got in touch with some of the jewellery industry biggies of the country and listed down some important points one needs to consider while indulging in fine jewellery.

Make a smart investment

Popular jewellery designer, Neety Singh, founder of Neety Singh Jewellery feels one needs to invest in versatile jewellery. “It is always a good idea to invest in a versatile piece that can be reused and worn creatively for different occasions. It keeps one’s experimental side alive and gives one a new look for every occasion without investing in too many pieces at the same time. Polki studs, for example, are synonyms with versatility. They are very obedient and can dress you up or down according to the occasion. If one has a wedding party to attend, one can just dress them up by adding an emerald or ruby jacket to them. Even adding a tear-drop diamond can do the job. Wearing detachable, contrasting jewellery is also a very interesting idea where you can pair blue sapphires with red ruby baubles together for one occasion and wear them separately for another,” says Singh.

According to the designer, smart and thoughtful investment in gold pieces becomes your companion during uncertain times. “The ongoing pandemic has changed the way people plan, shop and dress for special occasions. Consumers are more conscious of their financial investments and how their actions directly or indirectly affect their future security. I suggest investing in 22-carat gold jewellery, which meets the set purity standards, it is a safe option as it comes with a return value to fall back on during uncertain times,” suggests Singh.

The celebrated designer feels it’s very important to double-check the weight of the gold. “It is always a good idea to weigh one’s gold separately from the gemstones before proceeding further with one’s indulgence in jewellery. This ensures and reiterates the quantity of the gold one is investing in and saves one from paying an overcharged price for one’s jewellery,” she adds.

Singh is of the opinion that one should also get acquainted with the making charges while buying jewellery. “It is intrinsic to understand that apart from the cost of the gold that brightens up one’s jewellery, there are making charges involved too. These charges are directly proportional to the finesse and intricacy of the work in the jewellry one is investing in. Be sure about the buy back value of your gold: Gold is widely known to be a metal one falls back on during uncertain times as it comes with a return value. I suggest that one should buy certified jewellery, get it billed as per the set rules and standards and also familiarise oneself with its buyback terms to escape any future confusions.

Check for impurities in your gemstones: I always tell my clients to first choose the colour of the gemstone they want. For example in emeralds, one may prefer a light green or a paanidar panna as we call it or a deep green which is the original colour. Once you have chosen the colour, check for impurities in the stone. Impurities are a good sign as it shows that your stone has not been treated,” she further adds.

Jindal Jewellers - 1

(Image from Jindal Jewellers)

Six point check
According to

Karan Jindal Director of Jindal Jewellers, there are six vital points that need to be kept in mind while shopping for fine jewellery.

1. Hallmarking – Each jewellery item you purchase must have all the five hallmarks.

BIS logo

Name/Logo of the hallmarking centre

The logo of the manufacturer (for ex: each creation of Jindal Jewellers bears its logo)

Purity of the gold

Month of hallmarking

2. Certificate of authenticity – Either you go with an old trusted brand of a certain standard that you know will not cheat or they have a team of in-house certified gemologists from the most reputed laboratory in the world- GIA. If not, you should expect to review a copy of its certificate as proof that it has undergone an unbiased, professional examination.

3. Budget – You must always purchase jewellery keeping in mind your budget and choosing a jeweller that provides economies of scale will help you with the best value for your cherished investment.

4. Occasion – Buy jewellery that you will enjoy at most occasions. Whether for larger or smaller gatherings, everyday wear or overseas travel.

5. Investment – According to industry players, diamonds have always signified luxury and offer good returns especially when purchased from a reputed jeweller in the field. Most importantly, they have witnessed a steady price appreciation in the recent years. They must have in-house repair and polishing services available.

6. Services- Do they offer an exchange and buyback policy.

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(Summer collection – Parekh Ornaments)

Keen eye on design, need and brand

As per Raunak Parekh, Managing Director, Parekh Ornaments, three things that a consumer often misses focussing on are the design intricacies, their need and the brand of the jewellery. He explains the three points well in the following pointers.

1. Design: While purchasing the jewellery, it is important to know about the design and finish of the jewellery. The look and finish of the jewellery become an important aspect here. It is important to know the kind of jewellery you wish to purchase, whether it is online or offline. One should do research on their own and determine the design they are keen on buying. For example, if you wish to buy a diamond, it is important to look for these 4 Cs, cut, carat, clarity and colour. Once you understand each of these 4 factors, it becomes easy to buy jewellery.

2. Understand your jewellery need: This would be the last thing you want to do when you plan to buy the jewellery. We have a variety of options out there and we tend to get confused. As a result, it is important to pay attention to each and every detail like the size, style, colour before we decide to make the purchase. This saves us a lot of time and also reduces impulse buying.

3. Buying from a reputable jewellery brand: In case of no regulation, many individuals set up shop and defraud the customers who come to buy the jewellery. In order to avoid this, it is important to purchase the jewellery from a reputed and well-established store. It becomes essential to do a background check on the brand and read the reviews, recommendations and basic certifications required before you start the purchase. Credibility plays an important role here along with the number of years one has been in the market. The buyer should go through all the testimonials as it gives them a better insight into the brand.

Thumb Photo: A Neety Singh creation

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