Is it safe to drink coffee in Diabetes?

As per studies, coffee has several types of antioxidants that help in improving brain functioning, reduces inflammation and neutralizes free radicals that lead to aging and illness. However, if you are a Diabetic make sure you take coffee and other caffeine based drinks in moderation as it may lead to an increase in the blood pressure level and affect insulin sensitivity.

There are several studies around the impact of coffee on Diabetics. While, one study shows that drinking coffee once in a while can lead to insulin resistance, whereas the other research reflects that drinking coffee without added sugar and milk can help in managing the sugar levels naturally. However, more research is needed to establish the impact of drinking coffee on Diabetics.

In fact, as per some studies, it is believed that caffeine can improve insulin sensitivity and eventually reduce sugar levels. According to FDA guidelines people with Diabetes must go for moderate coffee intake to reap the benefits and manage sugar levels naturally.

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