How each zodiac sign controls relationships

This column has been written by astrologer and palmist, Sunita Chabra

Relationships are very complicated especially between a man and a woman. Why? Because both partners invest most of their needs (physical, financial, emotional and in simple words ALL) within their romantic relationship. It is rare that relationship among couples doesn’t run into a few bumps, however, the real problem arises when instead of resolving the conflicts, you blame or tell hurtful things to each other, which can at times turn too ugly and maybe become impossible to resolve.

In my personal experience as an astrologer, most relationship problems stem mainly from—ego and insecurity. Complicated relationships are challenging, but there are ways to navigate through the ups and downs to find relationship success. Astrology is one such tool. The strengths of your Sun sign can help you find peace within and also with your partner. If, you seriously want your relationship to work, then knowing how to use the positive energy of your Sun sign will give you the possibility of quickly moving through conflict to a renewed state of closeness with your partner. So, astrology helps you understand how to rise above patterned behaviour and connect with each other. Let’s now understand the intricate aspects of relationships and the couples of each zodiac sign.

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