Face Gym: Not a facial but workout for face

Maintaining the glow of our skin requires a lot of work. Time is advancing and so are the products used for skin rejuvenation. Recently a new skincare movement was founded and introduced by Inge Theron in 2016.

Inge got her inspiration when she spent three months in an ashram in Mexico where they used Incan techniques to massage out the injectables from her face, twice a day for an hour. She combined facial massages with electrical muscle stimulation technology and launched her first studio in London’s King’s Road in 2017. She is now running 12 studios in LA, New York, and London and from Ellie Goulding to Anne Marie, celebrities are also loving this
face gym.

Just like we exercise and work our other body parts to get toned and fit, our face also needs some exercise to preserve its elasticity.

What is face gym?
This technique is intricate but also quite easy to understand. A face gym is basically a workout in a gym studio but for the face. You just have to lie on an expendable chair and let masseuses tone your 42 facial muscles through a series of exercises. It is a workout and not a facial as it uses high-energy kneading movements and cutting-edge technologies. These exercises include knuckling, whipping strokes, and pinching which is just a warm-up. It takes your face through a whole workout session starting with cardio and ending up with stretching. There are special therapies like radiofrequency and cryotherapy which help in sculpting and healing the face in surreal but effective ways.

Types of tools used in face gym

1. Medi lift

– It’s a wearable electrical muscle stimulation mask that sustains your lower face muscles and gives an instant lift to your jawline. This mask will make your cheeks pop out, strengthen, and tone the muscles and boost blood circulation.

2. Multi-sculpt

– It is a shiny metal stone that has 6 different edges for facial sculpting. It reduces facial tension, contours your face naturally, depuffs the skin, and softens the fine line with its ultra-cooling and smoothening effects.

3. Face ball

– A hand-sized ball that helps in improving muscle tone, boosting lymphatic drainage, and relieving tension from your face.

4. Face gym pro

– It’s an electric stick with two diamond-shaped stones on the top and comes with a prep facial serum. This tool is a non-invasive facelift that helps in elevating facial muscles with triple wave technology.

Face gym massage techniques for home

1. Stretch

– Stretch your right hand and hold the opposite side of your face. Inhale deeply while holding the left side and while exhaling tilt your head slowly towards your right side.

– You will feel an intense stretch on your left side. Use your fingertips holding your head to stretch the skin around your eyes for more definition. Inhale and exhale thrice and then come into a relaxed position again.

– Repeat this while using your left hand.
2. Warm-up

– Press the heel of your hand gently but firmly, maintaining pressure all around your face. Start from your jawline and apply pressure with a swipe to the ear.

– If you have a hand-sized rubber ball at your home, use that instead.

3. Lips

– It focuses on the area above the lips and helps in reducing nasolabial folds.

– Widen your smile and cover your teeth with your lips. Stretch your mouth while making an “OM” sound while maintaining the position of your lips over your teeth. While doing this move your head from side to side.

– Once completing 5 rounds, look upwards and stretch your neck.

4. Cheekbones and jawline

– Use your index fingers and hook them at the edges of your mouth. Pulse the fingers and start stretching outwards while coming back inwards. You will feel your cheekbone muscles working.

– The second exercise includes bringing your right hand to the right side of your face for side crunches. While holding the face, blow air from your mouth to the left side with good intensity.

– Repeat this exercise on both sides and all the tension from your jawline will be released.

5. Eyes

– Create a claw with your index finger and put it under your brow and very gently apply pressure upwards. While holding this position, try to blink 20 times.

– Repeat this exercise on the other eye.

– For the second exercise, make peace signs with both your hands and put them horizontally at either side of the eyes. Gently open the fingers slightly and pull back a little bit without stretching your eyes too much. While holding this position, squint your eyes for 20 rep.

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