Explained: Why recovered COVID patients need to defer vaccination by 3 months

Now, while it is known that the body builds sufficient immunity and protective antibodies in response to COVID-19, the question of how long immunity after COVID-19 lasts remains largely unanswered.

Over the past few months, there have been several studies and clinical observations on the same. However, most of the available data suggests that peak immunity against coronavirus lasts for around 90-120 days after the infection. After this timeline, it is suspected that immunity starts to wane, and may not be as strong as before. A lot of these factors, about how strongly antibodies are mounting also depend on factors like the severity of infection, immuno-health, age and gender.

However, certain studies have also observed that for some people, immunity may also last a lifetime. Thus, keeping in mind the above-listed considerations, it is generally perceived that a person who has contracted the virus once stays protected for at least 90 days time and hence, may not benefit much from a vaccine’s working.

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