Dentist shares simple oral tips to prevent the fungal infection

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has given birth to several other new diseases. One of the rapidly spreading infection post-COVID recoveries is black fungus. Also called Mucormycosis, black fungus is, as the name suggests is a fungal disease that is commonly being observed in patients who were given steroids for a long time, who have been hospitalised for a long time, were on oxygen support or ventilator, poor hospital hygiene or who have been taking medication for other illness such as diabetes.

If not treated on time, the black fungus infection can turn fatal.

The COVID medications can leave the body weak and low immunity. They can also escalate the blood sugar levels in both diabetics and non-diabetic COVID-19 patients, which is said to be the main reason for the fungus to multiply.

But by following some simple dental hygiene rules, one can reduce their chances of catching most of the viral and fungal infections including black fungus, according to a dentist.

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