Coronavirus: Will the third COVID wave be severe for kids? Or deadlier than the second wave? Some myths cleared

While the first wave was destructive for the elderlies, the second one impacting the healthier age groups and kids to an extent, there is strong reasoning to suggest that the pediatric population could be dangerously impacted in the coming third wave- and, many kids younger than 16 could face severe issues and hospitalization risk as well.

Yes, while there may be a higher reporting of cases than what was previously seen, there’s no real way to ascertain that seniors or the adult population would be spared by the virus. While reopening of schools and unavailability of vaccines would expose kids to a higher risk, the virus is said to attack the ones with a compromised immune system the most and therefore, no real way of knowing that only kids could be worst-affected.

From available observations, we also know that the present variants of the virus are only ‘mildly’ harsh on kids, who can very well recover at home. However, only if cases aren’t controlled, and we do not have enough resources to support their needs, severity, like in the second wave could be expected. Till then, the only way to keep kids protected would be by strengthening their immunity and keeping a check on their activities.

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