Coronavirus vaccine: Difference between a booster shot and third COVID vaccine dose, explained

Booster vaccine doses are an additional shot which is meant to be delivered for people whose immunity tends to fade five to six months after being fully vaccinated (i.e., getting both vaccine shots). While the usage of booster shots have been increasingly been considered ever since clinical studies have showcased faltering immunity with current vaccine models, many countries and medical experts have considered using them, to protect people from the risks of deadly COVID-19 variants.

In particular, the use of booster shots has been exclusively offered for people who have a higher risk threshold , or susceptible to waning immunity due to natural causes such as frontline workers (who face a lot of virus risk), people over the age of 65, or those above the age of 50 facing significant underlying medical dangers.

Amongst countries which have offered the doses, the doses are only being currently advised for these priority high-risk groups.

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