Coronavirus: Post-vaccination mistakes that put you at the risk of reinfection

While the second wave is finally ebbing after weeks of destruction, restrictions have consequently eased up in states across the country. However, the virus is still active and there are also reports of an upcoming third wave and rising cases pertaining to the Delta plus variant. Hence, complacencies of any kind can cost highly, if one is not careful and put them at the risk of contracting coronavirus despite being vaccinated.

If you have been vaccinated, consider the demographics of the event, or the place you visit before making a decision. As per expert guidance, outdoor gatherings are still safer than indoor venues with less ventilation. Smaller gatherings, more so, being around people who are vaccinated is encouraging.

Right now, travelling is also something that may need to be rethought of, especially internationally. While India is on the brink of recovery from the virus, the Delta variant is now fast spreading to countries across the world and may spike cases. Hence, precautionary travel and practising safe measures are crucial.

Avoid travelling or visiting high-risk places, or containment zones with a history of spikes. If you must, quarantine, limit your movement in safe circles and do not take any measures lightly.

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