Coronavirus: How safe is it to be around unvaccinated people, if you are vaccinated?

While somebody who is vaccinated enjoys a lesser risk of catching the virus, it should be remembered that the risk can still be there. It, therefore, then depends on the behaviour and risk history of the unvaccinated person, when it comes to gatherings of meetings.

The safety of getting out and meeting someone who is unvaccinated largely depends on individual factors- the kind of area, contagion risks and the level of preventive measures they follow.

While there’s an established risk of danger which we have detailed above, the level of risk of catching and spreading COVID (via unvaccinated sections) depends on some factors such as:

-The setting you are meeting in (indoor settings can be a great COVID-spreader and airborne viral droplets to settle in, outdoor settings are relatively safer)

-The use of masks (masks have been repeatedly shown to reduce the risk of infection spread and transmission; double masking is the most effective masking strategy while the Delta variant spreads)

-Distancing followed (crowded areas, lack of social distancing and disinfection measures can make it easier for the virus to spread)

-Exposure to COVID-19 settings (meeting in high-risk settings can also be a grave risk)

So to speak, meeting an unvaccinated person, who follows all protocols (double masks, maintains distance) in an outdoor less-crowded setting is relatively safer than meeting someone who refuses the vaccine, in an indoor setting, without the use of masks.

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