Coronavirus: COVID-19 vaccine side-effects vs. the risk of infection

While most vaccination side-effects tend to be on the milder side, some people can experience unusual, serious reactions, including anaphylaxis, which has also been linked to some deaths.

A risk of blood clotting disorder, a potentially serious threat, has also been associated with vaccines like the Oxford-Astrazeneca and Jannsen vaccine. Newer studies have indicated that some mRNA vaccines could also cause myocarditis or heart inflammation in younger men.

In comparison to these, the risks of serious complications and side-effects after contracting a COVID-19 infection could be much more severe, and lingering in nature. Long COVID, post-COVID-complications such as new diabetes, heart inflammation, permanent lung damage, psychiatric issues, fertility issues can be much higher with a COVID infection, and strike anybody.

Even with the vaccine, while the risks do exist, experts stress that the risk of ‘rarer’ and serious side-effects are fewer and lower in comparison to general statistics. Even with the risks of blood clots, it has been witnessed that a COVID-19 infection could leave people with more serious clots than a vaccine probably would.

Therefore, not only are vaccines unlikely to cause lasting danger, the risks of developing serious side effects, long-term damage remains to be on the higher side with COVID-19 infection.

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