Common post COVID symptoms identified in long haulers, as per new study

The study, which has highlighted many key areas of post COVID, aims to look into different facets of post COVID, which may not only help them identify the causes of long-haul COVID-19, but potential treatments as well. This is why the team of researchers is looking forward to participating in a new $1.15 billion study, initiated by the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Steven Goodman, MD, PhD, a senior author on the study believes that there are symptoms like severe fatigue, shortness of breath, and an inability to concentrate associated with COVID-19 that don’t go away. While according to him conclusions should not be drawn about the single cause of the symptoms, he believes more research needs to be conducted to look into it.

“So what we don’t want is the people with the brain fog and headaches to go to the neurologist, and the people with the heart problems to go to the cardiologist, and the people with the pulmonary problems to go to the pulmonologist. They probably have a common mechanism,” he said.

Reportedly, the team of researchers located 84 different symptoms in long haulers, including cognitive disorders and loss of sense of smell.

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