Celebration of traditional Indian heirloom

Mumbai-based designer Khushboo Shah showcased her pret collection at Bombay Times Fashion Week. Naveli Deshmukh walked the ramp for the designer in a beautiful handloom dress.

“The inspiration behind this collection has been drawn from my trip to Bhuj, Kutch, where I came across an old sodden bookshelf at an artisan’s workshop, covered with muslin that had organic dye splattered on it. It appeared to be frayed, but I could manage to keep the heirloom intact, the heritage intact, as well as the secrets of the organic lifestyle intact,” says Khushboo Shah.

“The books had old brittle pages with green and red pinstripes that became the staircase to my childhood nostalgia, where humans had an organic and sustainable way of living,” she adds.
This collection was about the amalgamation of the old and the new, and an introduction of the past to the present for a better future.

Eeha was Founded in Mumbai in 2003 By Khushboo Shah. The label has been reshaping fashion since launching her first organic cotton collection in the early 2020s. Known for creating modern garments that exude natural confidence, the Mumbai based designer is a pioneer of alternative materials and eco-friendly practices.

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