Caught COVID-19 after being vaccinated? Answering all your questions about breakthrough infections

Even amongst those who do get the virus after being fully vaccinated, and having peak immunity, the nature of infections seems to be on the milder side, with a lower than usual chance of hospitalizations and deaths caused due to the infection, offering a certain level of helpful reassurance and respite especially at the time of a wave fueled by the Delta variant.

Many who are vaccinated also have asymptomatic infections and recover in a shorter span. A study by the CDC recently established that 27% of the total breakthrough cases (positive RT-PCR tests) reported to them was asymptomatic, many didn’t recall being sick enough, less than 10% needed to be preventively hospitalized and a little less than 2% accounted for mortality.

Case studies also show that vaccinated people who catch COVID-19 may sometimes have a lesser than usual viral load in their respiratory tracts, and feel a fraction of the ‘milder’ symptoms of COVID-19. Hence, the severity of disease with full immunization is likely to be avoided to a certain extent, and offer good pandemic control.

It should be noted that these factors are only accounted for only amongst people who have been fully immunized- i.e. at least 14-20 days have passed post their second dose. A single dose or not enough immunity can still increase the risk of infection and related complications.

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