Can vaccinated people still spread COVID-19? Explained

In respect to how the SARS-COV-2 virus spreads, the asymptomatic transmission of the virus makes matters get trickier. Not only does it remain to be a relatively new virus, COVID-19 also poses particular challenges because the infection can be spread via both symptomatic, as well as asymptomatic carriers. This means that a person, who doesn’t exhibit symptoms and does not undergo testing, maybe silently spreading the disease onto others. This is a scenario that can very well occur with vaccinated beneficiaries as well.

Clinical studies conducted over the past year have highlighted that a majority of COVID infections were caused by people who were asymptomatic, or had minor, barely noticeable symptoms, i.e., who weren’t suspected COVID patients and may not have been diagnosed as well.

This can very well be the case with some vaccinated beneficiaries, who may contract COVID-19, get no symptoms, and yet spread the infection onto others without knowledge.

Poor contact tracing, lack of awareness also make matters tough.

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