Buying wedding lehenga online: The best option available?

It is highly unlikely that buying online would replace ‘trying then buying’ from a store but you just never know!

Technology is having a moment right now and almost everything is being sold online. From groceries, snacks, mobile phones, office logistics; so many products are available online that sometimes one doesn’t feel the need to go out shopping. While it is amazing to be able to buy a number of things from the comfort of home, the same cannot be said for a bride’s wedding lehenga. Don’t girls just love trying clothes still? We caught up with Rahul Gupta from Apsara Sarees, a Delhi based Designer store and asked him to his views about shopping for wedding lehengas online.

For a bride, wedding is her special day which she is going to remember for the rest of her life. On her day of love, she wants to look her best and dress impeccably. Can a bride really get that special lehenga online? Or is visiting the store absolutely necessary? Well, since it is a day which is more about the bride than anyone else, the decision whether to buy a lehenga online or from the store is primarily hers to make. But here are some pros and cons of buying the wedding lehenga online versus those of buying it from a store.

What is it that’s good and not so good about buying a wedding lehenga online?
There’s the chance to scroll and surf through many lehengas

While buying a lehenga online, a bride can have a look at numerous attire options simply by scrolling through the screen. “It is an advantage for those brides who cannot take out time due to busy schedules or move out due to any other reasons,” claims Rahul.

There’s a possibility to order from the comfort-zone

While shopping for the wedding attire online, a bride is free to order from the comfort of her home or while working from home. The online e-commerce sites are usually user-friendly and allow a bride to order easily, in no time.

There’s no trying and buying

One of the hassles of looking for a wedding dress online is that an online shopping site very rarely allows trying before buying. So if a bride chooses to get her wedding dress from an online site, she has to simply rely on the visuals and descriptions of the attire.

There’s no room for negotiation

If the bride is used to negotiating the prices before buying anything, then buying the wedding dress online might not be the best option for her. However, for a bride who wants to avoid the hassles of bargaining for better prices, online shopping might be a blessing as the prices are fixed.

So what’s good and not so good about buying a wedding lehenga from a store?

Facility of trying and buying

Fashion is one of those industries where people want to first try whatever they intend to buy. With a bride it is even more so as she wants to get everything perfect and rehearsed; she needs to actually see how the dress would look after putting it on.

There’s room for negotiation

While a bride is buying a lehenga from a store, she is free to negotiate with the owner, the price of an attire which she likes but is a little over her initial budget.

There are of course many options

While buying from the store itself, a bride has numerous options to consider for her wedding lehenga. As mentioned already, she is free not just to have a look but to try the outfits as well.

There’s some effort that has to be put in

Going from store to store and trying a dress after the other also means one has to put in a lot of effort and time. It isn’t possible for all the brides to go store to store due to busy schedules.

Most brides still avoid buying their wedding lehengas from the various online platforms but one can’t say that lehengas are never brought online. It’s best to pick up a brand that has both online and walk-in stores.

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