Black fungus: Recovering from COVID-19? Watch out for these signs of mucormycosis

There could be a lot many factors that can increase one’s susceptibility to contracting the infection.

With COVID-19 cases, it has been observed that patients who had prolonged ICU stay, put on invasive oxygen therapy, prescribed excessive steroids that suppress immunity, or self-medicated themselves suffered from grave risks. A prior history of uncontrolled diabetes (wherein blood sugar levels exceed 500) can also expose patients to severe dangers.

While mucormycosis cases were also observed during the first wave of the pandemic and even before, though sparingly, the severity fueled by the mutant virus during the second wave, and indiscriminate use of steroids have added to woes.

A recent statement let out by AIIMS chief and director, Dr Randeep Guleria also mentions that COVID-19 patients have the highest risk of developing mucormycosis, or primarily black fungus, within 6 weeks of infection. Therefore, it is very important to remain cautious and not take recovery lightly.

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