Armaan Malik: Songs like ‘Butta Bomma’ and ‘Control’ reignited me as an artiste when I was in a low phase | Telugu Movie News

Fondly called the ‘Prince of Pop’, Armaan Malik has been making the country proud in more ways than one. The singer recently released his new single titled, ‘Barsaat’. While all his songs are special for his fans, this one is a little more special for Armaan as he has collaborated with father Daboo Malik and brother Amaal Malik for it. The two generations came together to croon the beautiful song, that is winning many hearts across the world.

While ‘Barsaat’ is getting there, Armaan’s Telugu song ‘Butta Bomma’ has already become a viral sensation. The hit song, featuring Allu Arjun, topped music charts and was a popular choice for reels for celebs such as Disha Patni, Tiger Shroff, and even cricketer David Warner. But did you know that Armaan calls ‘Butta Bomma’ his ‘best friend’? ETimes caught up with the singer after the release of his latest single, and while talking about his musical journey, he revealed how it helped him rediscover himself after being at a low phase in his career.

“I would say ‘Control’ was a big turning point for me. It changed a lot of things; it changed how people perceived me as an artiste as well. Apart from that, the one song that has drastically changed a lot of things for me in my career is ‘Butta Bomma’”, admits the singer. He then goes on to recall the phase in his career where he was being replaced from a lot of Bollywood songs. “As an artiste, that’s not a very happy space to be in. I was quite dejected; then I went to record ‘Butta Bomma’ and other South Indian songs. After a few months when ‘Butta Bomma’ released and became the rage that it is today, it gave me so much more strength.” He further went on to add, “‘Butta Bomma’ and ‘Control’ reignited me as an artiste. I had lost faith as I thought nothing was going right and I was in a low phase. I feel like these two songs saved me”.

Armaan concluded by saying, “I think both ‘Butta Bomma’ and ‘Control’ have been my best friends that helped me at a time where I was feeling very low as a person.”

Interestingly, Armaan won Best Playback Singer at the recently held South award for the Telugu song ‘Butta Bomma’. He also won the MTV Europe Music Award 2020 under ‘The Best India Act’ for his single ‘Control’.

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