Ajay Devgn takes off to Kerala’s Sabarimala Temple; actor followed the rituals for a month- Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

Ajay Devgn has taken off to the Sabarimala Temple in Kerala. The actor left for the darshan, today. Devgn had been steadfastly abiding what it takes to go there for a pilgrimage. He hadn’t spoken about it to many in his circle, but ETimes is now bringing you this breaking news FIRST and EXCLUSIVE.

According to the official website of the temple, a pilgrimage to Sabarimala is all about the test of senses. Pilgrims are expected to lead a simple pious life known as ‘Vrutham’ for the successful completion of the pilgrimage. A source says, “Ajay followed quite a few rituals required for a month or so. The visible ones were that he was spotted wearing black, he did not cut hair or nails for about a month and he did not shave either.”

Ajay is expected to return to Mumbai, soon.

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