5 chic ways to drape a sari

We all have been under lockdown and spending most of our days in easy-breezy kaftans, pyjama sets or sweatsuits. But you don’t always have to be in these comfy outfits. To perk up your mood, you should play the dress up game and impress your friends or your colleagues over Zoom calls and online meetings. Saris are the most versatile piece of clothing and one can drape them in so many stylish ways. We show you five different ways to drape an elegant maroon sari.

Infinity drape


An iteration of the classic drape, this is one of the most effortless ways my mother drapes her saree. The floaty pallu gives the look a very laid-back and casual appeal that is sure to win hearts.

Belted belle


An experimental twist to the Bengali-style drape, this style looks great upon adding a belt at the waist. Try on a thin belt, broad belt, or even a cloth belt- everything works perfect! Add a pair of statement earrings in the colour palette of the belt to complete the look.

Retro wrap


A quick way to add some sass to your usual saree drape is to wrap the pallu around the neck. It adds an instant, retro appeal and looks excellent in georgettes, satin and chiffon sarees.

Dramatic dhoti


Draping a saree like a dhoti with a loose pallu over the shoulder, up-front and on the side, makes it look all shades of elegant. A perfect mix of tradition and modernity, my mother would always pair it with simple blouses to bring emphasis to the drape.

Classic twist


Last but not the least, draping a saree in its usual way is always a classic. However, my mother would always try and add a twist to this conventional drape by adjusting the pallu at a lower height and barring the mid-riff a little more than usual to give it that elegant, Bollywood-inspired appeal.

Model: Anushka Hazra, Trell

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