3 major signs that your COVID-19 is turning dangerous

For most people, COVID-19 symptoms start off in the same manner. However, the severity is most likely noticed by Day 5, for those susceptible to the same.

The severity induced in cases for most people happens due to the cytokine storm, which causes the immune system to unleash lethal autobodies which turn on the healthy cells. For some, the severity could be factored to their genetic predisposition or liable comorbidities.

Nonetheless, what most doctors believe is that timely medical help can save lives. It’s also important to learn and recognize the symptoms which can turn your mild COVID-19 case into a severe one. Oxygen deprivation, breathlessness, vital organ complications can all be serious warning signs that one needs to be hospitalized.

According to Dr Mathew Varghese, St. Stephens Hospital, Delhi and an eminent scholar, the severity and the warning signs of severe COVID-19 could be recognized in the initial week of infection onset and hence, timely intervention is critical.

Apart from a dip in oxygen levels, chest pain or breathlessness, these are also some potential warning signs to check for in the initial days, which can predict the severity of your disease:

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