3 Haircare mistakes that unknowingly damages your hair

The world is evolving continuously and so is our overall anatomy in a way. Throughout the decades, people have become more aware of their internal as well as external health and appearances. Do you want to know the silly mistakes you have been making which are destroying your very roots?

It is imperative to be aware of your best qualities but it is also equally important to be literate about your mistakes. These hair care mistakes can change your lifestyle for the better and help you keep your hair, healthy, luscious, and hydrated. Scroll down to rediscover your mistakes and start correcting them immediately.
Haircare mistakes you need to stop ASAP

1. Applying shampoo directly into your scalp

– The worst mistake you can make which will lead to literally damaging your hair tremendously is applying a handful of shampoo directly to your scalp. The shampoo is thick and if applied directly could leave build-up on your scalp which can lead to dry and dull hair as well as hair fall. In a mug, mix the desired amount of shampoo with water and then apply that diluted mixture gently all over your head. The shampoo and water mixture will evenly spread over your hair and will wash off easily without any product build-up.

2. Combing through your wet hair

– If you think combing your wet hair is going to separate them easily without any difficult entangles, you are deeply mistaken. When you are combing through your extremely soft and wet hair, it can lead to excessive and forced hair fall, which is almost self-induced to a point. After drying, it could even make your hair dry and frizzy. So, let them dry out first and then detangle your lower portion first and then move upwards.

3. Towel drying your hair

– The towel-drying technique has been practiced for ages and unfortunately, it is all wrong. Tying and covering your wet hair immediately with a towel and then using those towel jerking techniques to dry out your hair is the worst way for hair drying. Instead, use a cotton or silk shirt and wrap your hair using it and just leave it on for 15 minutes. These fabrics help in smoothening your hair and prevent excessive hair loss.

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